About Us

Brooklyn United Football Club is Brooklyn's soccer academy. Established in 2021, its purpose is to provide the communities of Brooklyn a world-class soccer academy, on par with the top development programs around the world.

For far too long, the great borough of Brooklyn has stood idly by and watched as the top youth soccer players have left their local neighborhoods in search of a path to realizing their dreams of playing at the highest level. They left seeking clubs, programs, and academies across the Tri-state area that would help them realize their goals. Some made it, but most didn't — due largely to the tremendous logistical strain of schedule and travel placed on the player and his or her family.

Brooklyn United Football Club provides the communities of Brooklyn with an elite pathway to reach the highest level of the game — right in their own backyard.

This eliminates the burden of additional costs and lost time associated with traveling to other academies around New York, thus providing the top local players the best chance at reaching their goals by eliminating non-athletic barriers to success. Brooklyn United was designed and structured around inclusion, diversity, and being able to provide all families of Brooklyn access to the highest quality development program in New York City — regardless of socioeconomic standing.

Brooklyn United Football Club works with individual players at every level of the club to ensure their development is specialized and geared specifically to his or her goals. Train with the best. Become the best.