Here at Brooklyn United Football Club, everything we do is geared towards providing the best youth soccer development program possible. Building a world-class organization on par with the world's greatest soccer academies requires a laser-focused vision and philosophy. The principles that guide every decision we make give the academy and all of its constituents the greatest chance at succeeding at the highest level. This is why at Brooklyn United, we always field our Best XI.

Brooklyn United Football Club's Best XI:

Everything we do centers around the individual player and their goals. From our training methodology to staffing, every decision we make must benefit every player in our club.

Finances will never prevent a deserving player from getting on the field and working towards achieving their goals.

Every decision we make is made with the care and respect that every person is deserving of. Great players make great people.

We are never complacent. Complacency deters evolution and growth, which means stagnancy. We will always grow and push the envelope, enhancing the progression of the club and all of its constituents.

We will settle for nothing short of world-class. Anything less is unacceptable. This is the expectation for all players, families, coaches, and administration.

We love our local community. We built Brooklyn United Football Club because we believe the borough of Brooklyn deserves an academy on par with the best in the world. We continue to increase our involvement in the community, and create programs and partnerships that add value to the wonderful people of Brooklyn.

We do not do things because we have seen others do them, or because others tell us to. Every decision we make aims to set an example for youth soccer in Brooklyn, NYC, and the United States at large.

We are not in the business of wasting time, energy, or effort. Wasted effort and time are inefficiencies that create drawdown in progression for the player, coach, and club. Precision and decisiveness, both on and off the pitch, allow us to dictate action proactively, rather than be reactionary, and thus, a step behind.

Brooklyn United prides itself on being a merit-based organization. There is no favoritism, shortcuts, or easy route. If the hard work is done in the right way and in good faith, the results will produce themselves.

Self-reliance increases trust amongst cohorts, and self-belief is a necessity for success to be achieved. In the context of an organization, we can only trust each other if we know that we all trust ourselves first. When this is the case, we all have our own, and thus each other’s best interests in hand. This creates the foundation necessary for teambuilding, and is fundamental to organizational cohesiveness.

This is the beautiful game. It has brought unlimited amounts of joy to billions of people across the world. There is simply nothing more important to the world at large than living in and exemplifying joy - which is why Brooklyn United strives to be a beacon of joy, cultivating future artists of this beautiful game, right here in Brooklyn, New York.